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Migrant Education

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Migrant Education

Who qualifies for Migrant Education Program services?

Children and young people ages three to twenty-one years old:

  • Who have not completed high school;
  • Who have moved with their families across school district boundaries within the past 3 years;
  • Who moved so they or their parents could look for work in agriculture, fishing, forestry, ranching, dairy, canneries, or meat packing parents; and
  • Whose families depend on agricultural work for their livelihood.


There are nearly 4,000 migrant students enrolled in Salem-Keizer Public Schools. The majority of the migrant population in Oregon is Latino. Migrant Specialists work in elementary, middle, and high schools with the highest enrollment of migrant students.

Frequently asked Questions
Q: Does the accident insurance cover 100% of the medical bills?
A: The accident insurance covers approximately 50% of allowable medical bills, and has a $100 deductible per incident.

Q: Do I need to have moved from another country to Oregon in order to qualify for the Migrant Program?
A: No, families are only required to move across school districts to seek or obtain agricultural work.

Q: Can I get assistance in settling issues with the U.S. Department of Immigration?
A: The Migrant Program is not associated with immigration in any way. We are here strictly to help migrant students with their educational needs.

Q: Does the Migrant Program donate food and clothing to migrant families?
A: Although we do not provide our families with food and clothing, we do help families find agencies that provide these services.

Q: What type of documentation do I need for my child to be enrolled in the Migrant Program?
A: We prefer to see a document that verifies a child’s birth date, but it is possible to be in the program without that verification.

Q: What if I move to another state or country because work has slowed down?
A: That move may re-qualify you for another three years if you return. It is important that you contact us to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Q: Will my child still receive benefits after he/she graduates from high school or gets a General Education Diploma (GED)?
A: A student is eligible from the ages of three to twenty-one years. If a student graduates from high school or earns a GED at any time while he/she is a migrant student, they are no longer eligible for services.

Important Contact Information
Families who move to look for work in agriculture may contact the Migrant Education Program in the new location by calling the Migrant Education Hotline at 1-800-234-8848.
503-399-3111: Migrant Education Program, Salem-Keizer Public Schools
503-399-3258: Bilingual Education Program, Salem-Keizer Public Schools

503-391-9480: Migrant Education Service Center
2611 Pringle Rd. SE
Salem, OR. 97302

All services are free. If you think you are eligible for this program please call 503-399-3111 for more information.


Oregon Migrant Education Service Center

CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program)
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